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We questioned porn because it didn't turn us on. We redefined eroticism because it was too stuffy for us and created femtasy because it was time for a change.

Listen to your desires

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femtasy goes back to where your pleasure starts: in your body. We inspire you to forget what you thought you knew about it, meet it with new curiosity and indulge in the endless hot facets of your fantasy.

We want you to get rid not only of your clothes, but also of every norm and expectation. Because we firmly believe - no, we know - that your lust makes you freer. From inside and outside.

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Meet the team

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femtasy team eating
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Behind femtasy, there are more than 30 brilliant & kinky souls who wake up every morning with a common obsession : liberating pleasure.

We love sports, cooking, taking polaroids, watching horror movies, partying the whole night, doing burlesque, DJing. We are married, single, in open relationships… And when we ain’t busy having fun, we make sure the women are!

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